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Faboulous Couple

Teresa and Thomas

Nice to meet you!

We are an open-minded bisexual couple who dream of having a third partner and friend with whom to share time and sex, we like to talk to smart, sarcastic people who like general culture issues and are open-minded.

We don't like people who come to rudely demand that we do free things for them like taking our clothes off.


We are a courious, happy couple, we love to talk and spend incredible moments.


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My name is Teresa, I am 26 years old and I was born in South America, my favorite hobby is playing video games and dancing. I love meeting people from different cultures and learning new interesting facts, languages, everything!

 I am starting a project at home to decorate our home with florals, my future dream is to enter to study graphic design.

I hope you join me on the live broadcast and you dare to chat with me!

Name : Teresa

Gender : Female

Age : 26

Zodiac sign : Aries

Hairs : Dark brown

Eyes : Brown

Ethnicity : Latin 

Weight : 75kg

Body type : Curvy

Sexual preference : Bisexual

Drink : Just one drink :$

Smoke : Natural only


Hello! Nice to meet you My name is Thomas I'm  from South America, I am 27 years old, my favorite hobby is cooking, but I am very versatile. I also like to walk in the forest, listen to music, read and talk about deep topics in life.

I would love to meet you, I invite you to speak for our live broadcast.


Name : Thomas.

Gender : Male.

Age : 27 years old.

Zodiac sign : Cancer.

Hairs: Light brown

Eyes : Brown.

Ethnicity : White latin.

Weight : 70kg /154pounds

Body type : Fit

Sexual preference : Bisexual

Drink : Some wine.

Smoke : Only natural plants.

ahmed ashraf
08/04/2020 16:24
hi. it is me
glad to find y both. u deserve the best always
u the best both of u
teressa is so beautiful and sexy and her smile so cute. i like her allotttt she is my favorite
and thomas is amazing man and he so funny guy. and he my best bro here
i hope for u the best always in ur life
u verry lucky both to find each other
i will always come to see u and check on u if u still accept
ty alott for everything
best wishes for u always my sweet guys
ur lovely friend ahmed??????
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